Classic Plain Jenga Wooden Puzzle Blocks Stacking Game 48 Pcs For Toddlers


Type: Stacking Game
Origin: China
Color: As Shown
Material: Wood
Pcs: 48
Age: 4 Years and Above
Battery: No Battery Required

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Perhaps the best of family moments are those when parents and children get together to play a fun
If you are wanting to try something exciting, you can select this fun blocks game.t requires skill and
so chances are that while you are having a wonderful family evening, you are passing on to your children
some valuable lessons too.
Jenga blocks game will certainly encourage creative thinking. Whether it is your child's birthday or
vacation time is just around the corner, .
Fun for Everyone Shopaholic Jenga is one of the most popular board games for kids.
It requires you to stack the wooden blocks in the Shopaholic Jenga set to make a tower.
The aim is not just to stack the highest tower but to then pull the blocks out again without the tower
toppling over.
The game requires precision and patience. Even adults can play with these blocks while having their
friends over for a house party.
Each set of the Shopaholic Jenga board game for kids contains wooden blocks that are to be stacked in
the game.
All of the blocks have a smooth finish. Since they are wooden, they are very durable so you can play
without worrying about them getting damaged or broken.
The Shopaholic Jenga game does not require any batteries or charging.
Key Features:
Nicely finished wooden blocks No sharp edges No elaborate game rules Stacking blocks game No battery
required No fear of damage to the blocks
Highly durable For children as well as adults. Wooden Colour Jenga is a traditional stacking game but
done in a way to enhance colour awareness.

Children can play in the traditional way or use the coloured dice to choose which coloured plank must
be removed. Can also just be used in free-form block play.
What's in the box: 1 x Jenga Blocks Set

Weight: 0.4

Classic Plain Jenga Wooden Puzzle Blocks Stacking Game 48 Pcs For Toddlers


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